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As it is our family tradition, we enjoyed yet another day with Magic Moments Luxury Excursions this year. It was FANTASTIC again! These folks really know what they are doing. The service is “over-the-top”, food is delicious, and the top shelf open bar super. We have been going out with Magic Moments since 10 years and never once were dissapointed. The yachts are well maintained, very spacious and give us a smooth and comfortable ride. Much better than on a centerconsole fishing boat. We are staying at the Ritz Carlton and always connect with Magic Moments directly at 340-513-7094. Give these folks a call, they are at the East End and do the best job out there.
April 2021
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Literally one of the coolest experiences I’ve ever done. Private boat with unlimited full bar and breakfast and lunch included!!! Captain Earl and Laurie were an AMAZING team and was the highlight of our trip. They brought us to wherever we wanted to go, I’ve never seen so many turtles snorkeling before in my life. The boat was so spacious and they let us play any music we wanted to. Would def recommend to anyone coming to the island.
April 2021
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Awesome day with captain earl and Lori! They were beyond considerate and accommodating. Professionals throughout. Their knowledge base is unforgettable! They made our day amazing! Great trip! Highly recommend
Reviewed July 2021


My family and I had an amazing time with Magic Moments! The service was great and comforting knowing that there was professional lifeguard on board to help with kids. Thank you for an amazing experience.
Reviewed June 2021


Our group had a fabulous time. We snorkeled at several locations and had lunch both on the boat mixed in with drinks and food from Lime Out. The boat rides very smooth and fast. The crew were fantastic and even came back to the dock at the end of the day to return and item we accidentally left on the boat.
Reviewed June 2021


What an AWESOME day, definitely the highlight of our trip. Harold and Aaron were both extremely accommodating, chatty and hospitable. Initially I was concerned 8 hours was too long a day, but we could have stayed out for hours longer!! We snorkeled, swam, went to multiple coves and had great food and drink. Ute was also incredibly helpful prior to the trip. Definitely recommend.
Reviewed May 2021


By far the best experience on the island!! Harold and Lori were undoubtedly the most hospitable and accommodating people on our trip I would book this trip again!! In a heart beat!! Enjoyed every minute!!
Reviewed June 2021


Magic Moments stood up to its name . It was definitely a luxury excursion led by the captain and staff. Nick was a great lead into our experience snorkeling and sharing his knowledge of the beautiful sea life . I can’t wait to my next trip on this charter. Hands down, the best !!!
Reviewed March 2021


Our day out on magic moments was the best day of our vacation. Captain Matt, and first mate Nick took us to buck island to see tons of beautiful fish and a really cool shipwreck. Nick is an amazing individual, very talented. Matt is very knowledgeable and professional, full of info about the Virgin Islands and is a great captain. Also the sparkling guava juice was a delicious start to the day.
April 2021
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Magic Moments is Amazing! Their vessels are beautiful and their crew is very accomodating. There were 10 of us who fit super comfortably both inside and outside the vessel. Plenty of Shade and Sun aboard. The boat rides so smothly through all types of big weather. It was the best rainy day ever!! Ute was amazing when helping plan the whole trip, even the drinks and the cake and anything else I needed! It was a surprise my mom with never forget!!! Highly, highly reccomended!
April 2021
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Joe and Earl gave our party of 5 a fantastic day trip along the North Shore beaches of St. John. The boat, the food, and the snorkeling were all fantastic. Ute was very helpful in rescheduling our trip around some rough weather. I’ve done a lot of day trips before, but this one was the best as we were able to customize the trip on-the-fly. We hope to visit again and take arrange another excursion to the BVI and other locations in the USVI.
Reviewed July 2021


Family of 4 went out from Compass Point on December 27th with Captain Matt and First Mate Aaron. Opted for the St. Thomas Island snorkel since the waters were so smooth. Was a change for us as we have done many USVI boat charters, but not this route. Both did an excellent job and very much enjoyed the day. 9-4pm and back in time to shower up for supper. Nothing I would change and highly recommend (best on front end of a trip in my opinion). Thanks!
Reviewed December 2020


This was our 3rd time with them, first time since not being able to go to BVIs. It was still a premium experience, Matt and Nick were great. We felt safe and and were able to do whatever we wanted to do. They are very client oriented. We Are going to go again in a week!
Reviewed March 2021


Our family had a blast. Nick did a great job taking us snorkeling, preparing a delicious breakfast and lunch and attending to our every need. Highly recommend!
Reviewed January 2021


We went out on a charter with Matt & Aaron who were fun & knowledgeable about the area. I hoped to see turtles while we were snorkeling & Aaron swam all over the bay to find them for us. It was an unforgettable day!
Reviewed January 2021


Joe, Uta and Harold were lovely from the moment we inquired about the trip. We arrived to smiling faces and wonderful service. They provided great service, the food was delicious,, were very helpful with the snorkeling gear, let us guide where we wanted to go. It was perfection. The best part of our vacation.
Reviewed April 2021


We had the absolute best day on the water with Capt Mac and Nick! It was just awesome!! Everyone snorkeled, swam and soaked in the beautiful scenery! It was so much fun! Capt Mac really does an excellent job of navigating the waterways and sharing the history of the islands! Nick actually swam in the water with everyone! It was the best!! Highly, highly recommend!
Reviewed January 2021

Take a snorkeling excursion and boat tour with Magic Moments and experience the Virgin Islands for yourself!

Our captains are happy to customize your day allowing you to choose where you want to visit and what you would like to see depending on weather and time restrictions.

Contact Us with any questions or make a reservation today!

The list goes on…


Reviewed December 2020


Reviewed November 2020

We had the best day on the boat with the captain and mate. Breakfast was great and the snorkeling was awesome – like everyone else says, stay close to the mate as he will point out all the wildlife. All the bays the captain brought us to were beautiful. Water was a little choppy on the day we went out, but thecaptain did a fantastic job keeping us out of the wind and finding calm swimming spots. Lunch was delicious as well. All around a perfect day snorkeling and swimming in the sun, thanks to the mate and captain!


Reviewed November 2020

The captain and snorkel expert first mate were amazing as was the day. They took us to their favorite spots around St John and the mate even helped us identify the fish. They took us to some popular places and some that were hidden gems. Food was fantastic. I would recommend this company for couples or families.


Reviewed November 2020

The mate took such great care of us both days on the boat! He’s very personable, friendly, and an all around great tour guide! We enjoyed our time on the boat and would definitely recommend a day yacht excursion with the mate as your guide. The captain was also really cool and both he and the mate were very knowledgeable about the islands and places to snorkel. Overall it was a fun and great experience.


Reviewed November 2020

Amazing day in the water with a great crew! The captain and mate were the best!! From the moment we started to the end was the best time! We love boating and fir us getting to explore St Thomas this was our best option! We reserved this boat fir 3 days! AWESOME!


Reviewed November 2020

From the moment we met on the dock with the crew to the moment we got back to the dock simply was the best. We booked with three other charter companies and magic moments by far exceded expectations exponentially. mate, the first mate, was the best. Perfect service. Amazing snorkeling guide. So personal. Destroyed the competition. Captain was a great captain and super safe. Amazing snorkeling spots and a perfect day. Boat was so clean as well. Emaculate! If you want the best of the best book with this company. Would give ten stars if I could!!!


Reviewed November 2020

Our day boat trip with the mate and the captain was amazing, they took care of us so much and make sure we were safe and having fun. Highly recommend to all travellers in USVI! Wish could’ve spent all day with them!


Reviewed November 2020

WHOA! What an amazing day our group had. The mate was the absolute best host we had in our entire stay, after going out on multiple trips. The captain, was equally solid. Will definitely be hitting this group out for future snorkeling trips!


Reviewed November 2020

I cannot express how extraordinary this opportunity is! I have traveled quite a bit in my life like grew up on an island and have *never* seen views this stunning!! Simply amazing. Having The courteous captain and his first mate made it the best experience ever!!!


Reviewed October 2020

Amazing day snorkeling and swimming. Food was surprisingly delicious and the cold drinks were on target. Be sure to request the first mate and the captain. The captain was very confident behind the helm and very knowledgeable with geography. They knew the ins and outs of great snorkeling spots and swimming holes. Stay near the first mate when snorkeling, he locates more marine wildlife than you would.


Reviewed October 2020

The capt. and the mate made the day…We were able to see the island of St. Thomas and snorkel along the way…Much appreciated guys…Thanks


Reviewed October 2020

I wasn’t involved with the researching or planning the charter with Magic Moments, so I can’t speak to prices, reservation management, or customer service. I had no expectations when we showed up at the dock. I was blown away with the attentive service, hospitality, and professionalism of the skipper and first mate. The skipper was thoroughly knowledge about boats and the sea. He shared stories and experiences with skippering boats throughout the Caribbean. First mate was a jack-of-all-trades. He prepared the best drinks and served as a naturalist during our snorkel trip. We would have missed so many creatures if mate didn’t free dive to bring them up to the surface. Our trip took placed during the Covid pandemic and I’m impressed how the two adhered to safety protocols and took their jobs seriously. They balanced safety with having a good time. I can’t recommend Magic Moments enough. Safe travels everyone!


Reviewed October 2020

The captain and the mate were the best. Took us to some great locations. Saw beautiful Reefs and sea life. Will definitely use them again.


Reviewed October 2020

Celebrated my birthday with the captain and first mate. From the time they docked the yacht, they were incredibly friendly and thoughtful of our comfort and experience. They were able to take us to beautiful places, were accommodating, and always one step ahead with our drinks. They were both knowledgeable about the island and surrounding areas. I would highly recommend asking for the captain and the mate if you do take a day trip with Magical Moments!


Reviewed October 2020

Had a great time. Staff was very nice and accommodating. Snorkel site were AMAZING! Very good people to work with.


Reviewed August 2020

We spent the day on magic moments on our 3rd day visiting saint johns. Captain Matt, and first mate Aaron made us feel so safe. They were both full of knowledge about the areas history, as well as plant and animal life. OMG the food. Breakfast and lunch were so beautifully presented, that I almost didn’t want to eat it! The crew made me feel like royalty, but also like a new friend all at the same time. What a great experience.


Reviewed August 2020

We went out on Magic moments with Captain Matt and 1st mate Aaron and they gave us 1st class service from the time on the dock until the end of the day without interruption. Those guys are amazing hard workers and very professional! The boat was immaculately clean and spacious. Aaron makes gorgeous plates and fantastic drinks with a smile ?. Matt does the one job he needs to master, driving the boat, masterfully and with a smile. They told us tons of facts about the island and history. The snorkeling tours with Aaron were incredible. He knows what all the different fish are called and is incredible at spotting them. He even pulled up a brittle starfish so we could hold it. Truly a perfect day. Hats off to Matt and Aaron. I highly recommend charting with these guys. They are amazing!


Reviewiew August 2020

From the timely pickup at the National Park dock, to a nice breakfast and outstanding lunch and snorkel ?, this was the best excursion ever. Worth every penny, Matt and Aaron were outstanding hosts. Skilled captain and mate were always focused on safety and ensuring we had a great experience. If you find yourself in St. Thomas or St. John, hire these guys and prepare yourself for the experience of a lifetime! Thanks Aaron and Matt!


Reviewed August 2020

Another amazing day on Magic Moments! From the moment we stepped on board, the proverbial red-carpet was rolled out for us. Tropical welcome drinks, flowers, spacious seating in the shaded cockpit, first class breakfast and lunch presentation, top notch captain and crew, yacht was clean and in excellent condition, snorkelstops were on-point, safety was taken seriously (this was especially important for us as we have two young children Emma and Fee). We couldn’t be happier! The Magic Moments splurge is worth every penny (actually we paid less this time than the last time in 2016). The boat was very clean, there were hand sanitizing stations everywhere and the crew not only wore mask but also face shield. The spaciousness allowed distancing rules to be followed which made us very happy! We can’t wait for our next trip with them!


Reviewed August 2020

Really happy we booked a day trip with Magic Moments! There are so many day charters and I’m glad we decided on this company- felt luxurious without the crazy high price tag! The day trip was so much fun and a highlight of our time in St Thomas. We went snorkeling and saw so much sea life- and turtles up close! Matt and Aaron took care of us all day and were surprisingly informative and wonderful guides. They absolutely made the experience better for us. Such a great way to spend the day on the water- solid choice for couples, friends, and family!


Reviewed July 2020

Took two excursuons with these guys during our vacation. One on the 1st full day, and the second on our last full day. Had a blast both times. Crew and captain were great!! Thanks to Captain Matt and 1st mate Aaron. Even though we couldn’t go to the BVI because of the virus, they still managed to find us some great snorkel spots. Had a great time just chillin with the two. Lots of island knowledge between the two as well. Great way to bookend my daughters graduation trip!!!! Thanks again Aaron and Matt (you too Joe!!) Highly recommend these guys✔✔✔✔✔⛱⛱⛱⛱⛱⚓⚓⚓⚓⚓


Reviewed July 2020

Chuck was my captain and was very experienced and informative, but he also had that laid back chill island demeanor which was perfect. He played the music I requested and we had a good time. His first mate Aaron seriously video taped me diving in with my $300 sun glasses on, dumb move on my part, and then he seriously went back in the water to find my glasses at the bottom since we were in shallow water. Above and beyond what I expected and would hire these two guys again in a second. Gracias Mates.


Reviewed February 2020

Review of: Day Yacht Excursions throughout the US or British Virgin Islands With 7 of us, 4 adults and 3 children, It was a wonderful relaxing day visiting the islands, snorkeling, riding, and just hanging out with family. Adam and Lori were very attentive and gave us great information about the islands and the history of them. The children said it was the best day ever and they really enjoyed getting pizza delivered from a boat in Christmas Cove. Thank you Adam and Lori!


Reviewed January 2020

Crew April & Captain Shaq were attentive n went over board (not literally lol ?) to keep our friends n family a group of nine happy ? n well fed n hydrated! Breakfast in first port than lobster ? salad n fresh shrimp for lunch in next port before deporting for our land travel…


Reviewed January 2020

My wife and I celebrated our 30 th year anniversary by taking a trip around St John VI – it was fabulous and the stops for breakfast at Maho and Lunch near Reef Bay. Our Captain Adam and His assistant Lori were the best.

So many incredible experiences…


Reviewed December 2019

With eleven friends, this boat and crew were phenomenal. Excellent service and really accommodating. This trip will be remembered forever!!


Reviewed December 2019

We had an amazing time. We rent a yacht from majic moments every time we travel to st Thomas. My only complaint was the curry chicken salad. It was just gross other than that the food and drink was great. The crew was exceptional and very knowledgeable of the area. Our caption was a retired coast guard man and was amazing.


Reviewed December 2019

We had a delightful excursion with Shaq and April. We have three grown children with spouses and a 16 month old. We visited the Most Beautiful beaches on Saint John. We had the Best day Ever! We had a total of 8 people!


Reviewed November 2019

We have been on private boat charters in many parts of the world, and this was one of the best! Our boat, Magic Moments Luxury Excursions, was incredible!. First class service by Captain Shaq and first mate April made our day super enjoyable and the best memory of our trip. Their recommendations about where to go and what to see were spot on. Do not confuse this boat with a boat named New Magic. That’s a completely different boat. Magic Moments Luxury Excursions provided us with the best service ever! This is the boat and company you should use.


Reviewed October 2019

Thank you so much to the onboard team on Sept 30 from St John to the BVI !! Your service and your personalities were spectacular and professional !! And for all of us 6 guests on board..your friendly personalities nailed it !! We loved every Moment on your, the drinks…


Reviewed October 2019

Spent a wonderful day on the 45’ Sea Ray! We took our family of six including two teens and two younger kids age 9 &12. The boat was extremely comfortable and well-shaded. Our captain and first mate were excellent. We toured The Baths in Virgin Gorda then headed just off Norman Island for a fantastic snorkeling experience. The crew made sure we were safe and and helped us identify all sorts of underwater wildlife. Highly recommend this company and boat!

9.30.19 A DAY IN PARADISE…….

Reviewed October 2019

Unbelievable experience that will last in our memories for a lifetime! Thanks to the entire crew for making our day so special! EVERYTHING was perfect! And thanks for humoring Richard and his dancing request WE WILL BE BACK AND DO THIS AGAIN


Reviewed October 2019

Wow !!! Magic Moments are the best. And here let me tell you why I got a whole day on. Beautiful Sea Ray 45 Footer with the most amazing captain Shachar and steward Melissa , Thank you so much Guy for being so caring so professional so attentive Wow. From Food that was offered and drinks I even was given a birthday Cake !!!
And it was such a magical day we went snorkeling 3-4 times. Is different spots of st Jhons and other area. I am Thrilled and so super Happy. The sweet nice lady that picks up the phone is the actual owner. Wow what a sweet caring classy Lady. You will feel her Amazing Energy from the get go.
I really can’t find more words. But believe me if you here in st thomas usvi and looking for privet boat this is the only company to go with. I highly recommend it. And I will only use them again and again. I was really wowed.
Thank you again.


Reviewed September 2019

Our family took a day sail with Magic Moments and we were greeted with happy smiles and wonderful service by the captain and crew. The boat was super comfortable, the captain planned a day that met our needs and we enjoyed our time on this luxurious vessel.


Reviewed July 2019

This is our 3rd time out with this company and as the 2 previous trips it was another perfect day. As we walked down to the National Park Visitor Center we saw our private yacht waiting for us on the dock, and after a warm welcome by Capt Rich and 1st mate Alyssa we were on our way to sightsee and snorkel in the US Virgin Islands. I can’t say enough about the fantastic snorkeling areas that Rich found for us that morning. As we were climbing aboard after our second snorkel, Alyssa had just finished setting up a wonderful lunch in the shaded cockpit. We are already looking forward to next years trip on this beautiful yacht. Its always a special day for us. Thanks MagicMoments!


Reviewed May 2019

Wonderful birthday outing on beautiful boat with excellent service and attention to detail by crew.. Snorkeling around St John was amazing.


Reviewed April 2019

Great news! Yes, the islands are resilient and Magic Moments is still there to make your experience memorable. At the end of February, we enjoyed what was our fourth Magic Moments experience in eight years, and were again blown away by the hospitality and competence of this company and its phenomenal crew. We were delighted to be able to chart a course to new spots, and to see the rebuild and rejuvenation of Jost Van Dyke. This time, rather than swimming ashore at the new Soggy Dollar Bar, we went to Foxy’s Taboo (not to be confused with the original Foxy’s) and loved being able to dock our magnificent Magic Moments yacht and stroll up the dock to a really great bar setting in a rather perfect spot on Earth. We so enjoyed our time at Foxy’s Taboo because our whole morning through lunch experience on our Magic Moments Sea Ray had already been superlative. We hit some great snorkeling spots, had the Captain know exactly how to get us promptly through BVI customs, dined and drank like royalty, enjoyed conversation and quiet times perfectly paced. We were safe, well cared for, well fed, and had the proverbial red carpet rolled out for us as we explored the USVI and BVI waters on a rather great vessel (did I mention that the Captain and First Mate were amazing?!). As much as we love our time exploring beaches and restaurants of St. John, I simply cannot envision a week there without a day on the water with Magic Moments. No more every other year. For me, there is no going to St. John without at least one day with Magic Moments.

Visited February 2019


We were picked up at our hotel and greeted by our captain and first mate. They had a wonderful breakfast made for us and we discussed our itinerary for the day. They had all of the snorkel equipment that we needed and served us a fabulous lunch and all the drinks we wanted! It was a treat to get out on the water and explore some of the nearby islands.

Visited February 2019


Reviewed February 2019

Professional, curtious crew. Great boat. Very accommodating . Love very boat. Just sat back and relaxed. Crew did it all


Reviewed January 2019

We have been on Magic Moments several times before and anticipated another great day. With the hurricanes of the fall of 2017 we were wondering if things would be different.

Ryan and Emma provided us with the excellent service we expected and then some. They both sincerely wanted us to have a great and memorable day.
The snorkeling was great. The food and frink were great. All in all a great day.
Highly recommend this company and especially Ryan and Emma.


Reviewed January 31, 2019

we enjoyed fun, sun, and snorkeling, and island hopping in the Caribbean islands with a knowledgeable and competent mate and captain. The breakfast and lunch were delightful and plentiful and the entire trip and day remarkable..we would do it again!

Date of experience: January 2019


Reviewed January 28, 2019

Captain Ryan, and First Mate Emma, did a great job. If you want a great trip, plan your own departure and return time, plus swim or snorkel, this is the trip. Snacks, beverages, etc., made it a very enjoyable trip. We were dropped off on St John’s , had lunch, a little shopping, additional drinks, picked up, and taken back to the Cove, Marriott Property. Excellent!

Date of experience: January 2019


Reviewed January 24, 2019

We always book a charter while we are on St. John. This was the first time with Magic Moment. It was definitely our best experience yet! We will absolutely be booking them again!

Date of experience: November 2018


Reviewed January 16, 2019

This one doesn’t come cheap, but it’s worth every dollar! Two professional crew members that will cater, pamper and show you one of the best times you’ll ever have in the Virgins! Gourmet food is served for lunch and a light breakfast with an air conditioned interior. I’ve always been told “Bigger is better on the ocean” and the Magic fleet that Joe & Ute Marino have chosen are the perfect yacht for a day charter and also available for multi days if you so desire. Give Magic a call and find out why Magic Moments have been voted year after year, VI’s Best!

Date of experience: January 2019


Reviewed January 10, 2019

We took Magic Moments out on 12/28/18. It was a very relaxing day. We made several stops to avoid weather. We had a party of 7 and were very comfortable. The captain and his crew member were great. I would highly recommend Magic Moments.

Date of experience: December 2018


Reviewed January 10, 2019

We were on a cruise and booked Magic Moments for our day in St. Thomas. We have been ona Magic Moment day trip 4 times in the past 10 years.Each trip was incredible. They picked us up at the cruise boat dock and returned us to the dock.The food and service were great. The snorkeling was good also.If you are looking for a day of relaxation in the beautiful waters of the USVI, Magic Momentsis for you!

Date of experience: December 2018


Reviewed January 10, 2019

Great trip. This is the 4th time I have chartered with Magic Moments. Captain and crew are always professional, and always fun.

Date of experience: December 2018


Reviewed January 7, 2019

Best day in the Caribbean. Don’t miss a day out with Magic Moments. This time we visited Virgin Gorda and the Baths. Great beverages, great food, and great crew.

Date of experience: November 2018


Reviewed December 25, 2018

This was not our first time on Magic Moments, we have taken this excursion 4 times already. Every time was equally fantastic. The yachts are spectacular; clean and Fodors Guide has elected to elevate this company to Fodors Choice in the US Virgin Islands, an award that I did not see with any other day boat excursion. Fodors choice are the top experiences editors and updaters have found in their travels, a remarkable experience in the price range. Rightfully so, Magic Moments deserve it. From Service to Safety; the beautiful yachts, pristine destinations and gourmet cuisine…what more can one want? We used to stay at the Westin Resort on St John and now rented a private villa. The Westin was closed. It does not matter where we stay, we follow Magic Moments! Don’t miss out on this one!sleek. The crew is professional, warm and welcoming; the service lives up to the consistency you would expect from a 5 star luxury excursion. I saw that the reputable

Date of experience: December 2018

AMAZING DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Reviewed December 16, 2018

We had an awesome time on the magic moments charter today! Our captains Gregg and Emma were top notch! Very attentive to our needs and gave us the “royal” treatment. When you charter a boat with magic moments, you get to pick what activities you would like to do. We started the morning with a lovely breakfast , then went snorkeling near virgin islands. Had a great chicken salad and papaya lunch, and excellent beverages It was a great experience, and I highly recommend any one traveling to the Virgin Islands to book a trip with this company! Can’t say enough about the Captain Gregg and Emma! They were outstanding !! Thanks

Date of experience: December 2018


Reviewed December 11, 2018

I start by giving all the credit to Gregg our Captain and his first mate Brianna who provided us a unforgettable tour of the ocean landscape around St Thomas. We highly recommend spending the day with these two, who provided us life long memories. This was a gift for my fiancée and she could not believe how magnificent the day turned out, thank you Magic Moments.

Date of experience: December 2018


Reviewed November 22, 2018

Great way to cruise the USVI and BVI! Staff is awesome… great snorkeling and boating with fantastic boats (45ft sea ray)… Excelleny choice for daytripping to St John.. Jost… wherever YOU want to go… must do in St Thomas! Greg and Rick were great! Thanks guys!

Date of experience: November 2018


Reviewed November 5, 2018

Captain Ryan, and Greg are the best! We couldn’t have asked for a better tour around the islands. They were very professional, fun, and gave us great historical information. The food was delicious! The eight of us really enjoyed everything and look forward to another excursion with Magic Moments.

Date of experience: November 2018


Reviewed September 18, 2018

The crew took the time to explain our options regarding sightseeing and activities, and offered feedback to make the best use of our time. They prepared two delicious, fresh meals for us for breakfast and lunch, and drinks were served to us throughout the day. They even offered to let us plug in our phone playlist, which was an added bonus. The boat was stocked with snorkeling equipment, a life jacket for our toddler, and pretty much anything we would need for the day. I can’t recommend this excursion highly enough. It was fantastic!

Visited September 2018


Reviewed August 29, 2018

We literally had the time of our lives yesterday thanks to the crew. They went so far above and beyond to attend to our every need and want. My girls (8&6) could not have enjoyed the day more. They kept a watchful eye on them at all times. They knew all nine of us by name within minutes. We were able to experience things we never imagined. It was worth every single penny. The boat is amazing and clean. They took us to several Snorkel spots throughout the USVI. We encountered turtles, stingrays, beautiful fish and even a shipwreck. The crew are incredibly knowledgeable and filled us in on everything. Safety is their priority and we felt completely safe and cared for at all times. I would never have been able To experience all the things we did yesterday if we hadn’t chosen to charter the magic moments 2. Thank you both for being so caring and keeping us safe! We made memories that will last a lifetime.

Visited August 2018


Reviewed June 8, 2018

The captain and mate were so accommodating and fun to be around. A very comfortable boat. Great snorkeling spots. Can’t wait to come back!

Visited June 2018


Reviewed May 5, 2018

This is our third trip out with the Magic Moments and again, it was the best day of vacation. Our crew was very informative since they took us off the beaten path to some great secluded snorkeling areas.The food was fantastic and the boat as luxurious as ever. It’s always an awesome time with this boat and crew. You won’t find a better boating day in the VI.Check out their website!

Visited May 2018


Reviewed March 21, 2018

We had an absolutely amazing day aboard Magic Moments. The boat is beautiful. We had so much fun snorkeling and visiting Soggy Dollar Bar. The captain tailored the day’s itinerary perfectly for us. We can’t wait to go back and sail with them again.

Visited March 2018


Reviewed March 15, 2018

They took great care of our party of eight. The boat was beautiful and we enjoyed a great day around St John and the BVI’s. We upgraded from some of the smaller boats we have taken in the past and the amenities and conveniences were well worth it.

Visited March 2018


Reviewed February 24, 2018

My family and I had an AWESOME experience during this day time water excursion. I certainly do encourage every Virgin Islander and visitor to take advantage of this incredible experience. The crew was very helpful and informative. It will be a life long memory !!!!……….Sam Browne

Visited February 2018


Reviewed March 27, 2017

This was my second trip on Magic Moments and it was terrific. I took my 2 sons and a friend out for a day of snorkeling, swimming, and island hopping. The crew were so accommodating and professional. We had a blast!!!

Visited March 2017


Reviewed March 20, 2017

We returned for a 3rd cruise. This time we chose the best yacht – the 61′ Sunseeker. Oh my, this the best way to travel the Virgin Islands. They provided my wife and I an exceptional day on the way with great food, super playlist (mine), tons of sun and fun. Can’t wait for our next trip!

Visited March 2017


Reviewed March 20, 2017

Excellent, knowledgeable and fun Timing and options plentiful Food was gourmet …will do this agian

Visited March 2017


Reviewed March 16, 2017

We’ve used this service several times over the years and look forward to the next time. For those that loom at the cost and hesitate I promise you that if you try it you will agree that it is worth every penny. Well done Magic Moments!

Visited March 2017


Reviewed February 3, 2017

We had an awesome time yesterday on Magic Moments IV. We had booked the smaller 45′ Sea Ray, but when checked in we were upgraded to the 53′ Sun Seeker. The Sea Ray was out for routine maintenance. The Captain and crew were terrific and made our day a wonderful experience attending to our every need. Our friends had never been out on a day charter and this was a special treat. While expensive this was well worth it. Great snorkeling off St. John and Norman Island. Breakfast and lunch were delicious. We are already talking about doing this again next year. We will most likely stay in the USVI as the $45 per person fee for customs in the BVI and the wasted time is not worth it. Sure a trip to Soggy Dollar on Jost is something everyone talks about but it can be crowded. Between the time it takes to get there and the wait for a painkiller it just doesn’t add enough to the day to be worthwhile. We highly recommend Magic Moments and while we are sure other captains and first mates are all wonderful, our Captain and were terrific.

Visited February 2017


Reviewed January 30, 2017

We sailed last week with the Captain and – they were great and made our day so very special. We booked it for just two of us because we didn’t want to sail with strangers and it was a perfect day! They showed us all the different islands and loved the Soggy Dollar Bar – you swim there and it’s so much fun. We loved the Pizza Pi boat to end the day and they were so accommodating for our special day on the water. Thank you for having such great employees and they are to be commended for making it truly a “magic moment” from start to finish. Thank you! We will be back!

Visited January 2017


Reviewed December 19, 2016

My wife, Mother-in-law, Son (1 year old) and I just got back from staying at the Ritz Carlton in St. Thomas. The trip was great. Our day with Magic Moments made it one of the best trips we have ever been on. We were picked up right on the beach at the hotel. I was a touch apprehensive about doing something like this with our one year old in tow, but the Captain and the crew immediately made us feel at ease about our decision. They customized a trip that included everything we wanted to do. Snorkeling, Swimming, Island hopping, Bar hopping, sight seeing just to name a few. They even offered to look after the little one if all 3 of us wanted to snorkel together. They were such a great crew that one of us was always willing to hang on the boat with them and the baby while the others hit the water. The breakfast and lunch that was provided on board was amazing and the cocktails and champagne flowed freely. Our Captain took us to some of the most beautiful and less known areas down there. I am a firm believer of focusing on value over price with anything I do. Believe me, that booking through Magic Moments will be something you will remember for the rest of your life. We can’t wait come back next year!

Visited February 2017


Reviewed January 30, 2017

We sailed last week, Capt and Mate were great and made our day so very special. We booked it for just two of us because we didn’t want to sail with strangers and it was a perfect day! They showed us all the different islands and loved the Soggy Dollar Bar – you swim there and it’s so much fun. We loved the Pizza Pi boat to end the day and they were so accommodating for our special day on the water. Thank you for having such great employees and they are to be commended for making it truly a “magic moment” from start to finish. Thank you! We will be back!

Visited January 2017


Reviewed January 29, 2017

My husband and I thoroughly enjoyed our day on Magic Moments III. Our Captain and first mate were informative and fun. I am not a snorkler but my husband is, so they were able to plan a day that gave us both something different to enjoy. We were able to visit parts of the BVI that we would never have seen or known about. The breakfast and lunch were excellent and Lori kept us well hydrated! We look forward to taking another excursion with Magic Moments in the future and would be very happy if the Captain and first mate were available to be our hosts.

Visited January 2017


Reviewed January 14, 2017

We have used Magic Moments now for four excursions around the Virgin Islands and they are the highlight of our trip each and every time! They treat you like royalty and make you feel like you are right at home, albeit in the middle of the ocean! This time we had the pleasure of boating with the captain and the first mate. They were amazing and made our day enjoyable and filled with memories that we will never forget. We came to find out that we actually had our captain on our first excursion with Magic Moments, and yet again he amazed. His tour through the Baths at Virgin Gorda was unforgettable and something that we would recommend to all. Although weather did deter us from some of our favorite activities, the crew were right there ready with ample substitutes and even gave us another island to check off our bucket list. They told stories of the islands and were extremely knowledgeable. Without a doubt would highly recommend and are already planning our next trip with Magic Moments! Thank you for everything Magic Moments, we cannot wait for our next trip! The Kudlac Family

Visited January 2017


Reviewed January 3, 2017

As advertised. We had a great day. 7 of us, 5 being teens or young adults. Everyone enjoyed the day and all said it the best day we spent in the VI. Both Captain and Mate were very gracious and accommodating. They handled the details and we just enjoyed the day. We did the standard itinerary and did not deviate much. Each stop was a lot of fun and they did all they could to make it a really pleasurable experience. Food was good, snorkeling was ok, parking at the beach on JVD and just jumping in was a blast. Overall would certainly recommend them for anyone wanting a private day on the water. One note, bring cash for customs and then bring extra for gratuity. We failed to think of both and had to make a quick run to the ATM.

Visited December 2016


Reviewed December 30, 2016

Amazing day!! One of the best ever!!! The captain and crew mate were outstanding!! Captain was knowledgeable and a super advisor for our adventure! Crew mate was so organized and spoiled us with amazing breakfast and lunch! They were an excellent team and made a beautiful day a fabulous memory!! Can’t wait to return!


Reviewed December 14, 2016

I was so happy with our entire day. The captain and his first mate made sure our trip was fun, relaxing and carefree. They covered everything from a gourmet breakfast and lunch, streaming music, and as much information about the islands as we wanted. Our glasses never got empty and we finished the day wishing we had more time. It was the highlight of our trip to caneel bay, and if we go back, we would do the same charter again!

Visited December 2016


Reviewed December 11, 2016

We were lucky enough to go out on the Magic Moments yacht. Right from the very beginning, they Captain and crew mate were so positive and accommodating. Captain was up front and honest about the amount of time it would take for us to do the different ideas we had, and gave us plenty of options for adventuring, although he ultimately left it up to us to decide.

From asking us what we all wanted to do, to refilling our drinks nonstop, these two were fantastic. It might sound easy, but with a group of 9 people and 7 of us in our twenties, there were a LOT of drinks to fill. Never once did they make us feel like we were inconveniencing them or asking too much. We had an amazing lunch, and were able to stay as long as we wanted at the locations to really experience them.

Besides being knowledgable about the area, the islands, customs processes, and the boat, they were friendly and conversational. It truly felt like her were just out with friends for the day. Anyone would feel lucky to spend the day with this team, who were professional and hospitable the entire time we were in their presence.


Reviewed November 5, 2016

This was our second trip out on Magic Moments and it was another awesome day …What can I say the food was fantastic the boat beautiful and the crew made us feel like it was our own yacht. Captain explained some history of the islands as we past so many unbelievable beaches and beautiful scenery,at the snorkel spots Hillary was right there in the water with us and he took us to some out of the way unspoiled snorkel spots that you only know about by being out on the water for years in this area. WOW! can’t say enough except if you do one boat trip in the Virgin Islands this is the one. THANKS AGAIN for the BEST DAY OF OUR VACAY


Reviewed August 9, 2016

We booked another trip with Magic Moments because they are awesome ! We had a great Captain and first mate. They were so professional with a twist of humor. We had a great day !! I would recommend these two to anyone that really wants to learn about the islands because they really know their stuff. We will be back !! Thank you Captain and Crew for a wonderful day.


Reviewed August 9, 2016

Went out with our captain and crew and had an awesome day. The Indians were an amazing snorkel spot and we enjoyed a great lunch with our family. Will definitely go out again on Magic Moments. The Hux’s


Reviewed August 6, 2016

I booked a trip for 6 of us on Magic Moments in late May. We were 3 couples, and I was entertaining important business colleagues so I had to make sure the day was done right. We were staying at the Ritz, and Magic Moments picked us up right on the beach which made it very easy.

The boat arrived on time and our Captain came ashore to gather us. We hopped on the boat and our First Mate was there to greet us. The boat is spectacular. Our Captain talked to us about our itinerary and we explained we were going to JVD later in the week so we wanted to try something else. He picked some glorious snorkeling spots for us off STJ, where we saw a spotted eagle ray and gorgeous fish and coral. Their snorkel equipment was in great condition. Then we checked in to the BVI (First Mate handled everything and showed her mad skills when we couldn’t get the boat up to the dock due to another boat not following proper protocol) and we went off to Norman Island to explore the caves. The breakfast was delicious with fruit and pastries to die for.

Along the way, our Captain pointed out the different islands and gave us a great tour. For lunch, we stopped at a secluded cove and went for a swim while our First Mate prepared the most amazing lunch – lobster salad, yum! I told them ahead of time it was my husband’s birthday (good man, entertaining my business associates on his bday) and asked if they could get a cake – carrot cake, to be specific. And they delivered!!! No request to big or too small for this crew. I was so appreciative.

Afterwards, we drove by Willy T’s just to see what the hype was all about and we made our journey back to STJ for customs. Before doing so, our Captain and Mate told us about Pizza Pi which is an awesome business with amazing pizza, made on a boat. So, after customs, they called in our order and off we went for our pizza delivery. It was a perfect way to cap off an incredible day.

The music selection was a little dull but we were able to plug in our iPhone and play our own music. Even our Captain and Mate agreed it was a great playlist. As the drinks were consumed, and the music played, we all felt every worry, tension or care we had slip away.

After our trip, one of my colleagues told me it was “the best day of her entire life.” I have to agree, it was hard to beat. My husband had a great birthday celebration, too. Great service, beautiful boat in a gorgeous setting. It isn’t cheap, but it is a high end experience and worth every penny.

I’m returning to the islands in December with my family and will definitely book again!


Reviewed July 23, 2016

Our family had an amazing time with our Captain and first mate. Thank you so much for making our experience in the Virgin Islands wonderful! You all are the best! Highlight of our trip!


Reviewed July 12, 2016

Our Captain and Mate were the most amazing two people we met during our 2 week stay in the Caribbean!! My husband and I and my 16 year old son chartered the Magic Moments boat from the Ritz Carlton in St. Thomas. The reservation process was seamless and easy! The boat met us at our hotel beach and we boarded the Magic Moments boat at 8:30am.

We were thrilled with the breakfast, lunch, dessert and all-day drink service! The daily schedule was perfect for us, we loved it that we could decide what and where we wanted to go. We went to St. John for some amazing snorkeling, Tortola, Jost Van Dyck, Sandy Spit and Sandy Key. All were beautiful and amazing!!

The boat is clean, well-kept, roomy and the on-board bathroom is very nice!! I would highly recommend the Magic Moments excursion and as a small business owner myself, want to make sure you request John and Lori….they are friendly, conscientious, knowledgable, and fun to spend the day with!!


Reviewed June 17, 2016

It was for our 25th anniversary. They catered to our likes. We toured the islands. We snorkel amazing beaches, had delicious lunch, they were so informative and attentive. Took us to beaches that you would only visit by boat. For sure.. Once in a life time experience. Will do it every time we visit St Thomas. Can’t say enough positive things.


Reviewed June 16, 2016

In reading all the other 5 Star reviews, I have to wholeheartedly agree with all the positives, and really have nothing much to add. The food was excellent, the crew phenomenal, the boat exceptional, the service welcoming, the day unforgettable. My wife surprised me for an early Father’s Day gift with this private charter. Our family group of six had incredible fun and couldn’t ask for anything more. Breakfast, lunch dessert, open bar, excellent mixed drinks, stops for snorkeling, beach access to several spots on Jost Van Dyke and along the north coast of St John filled our day with memorable sights and experiences. The Captain and 1st Mate were second to none. They were professional, patient, courteous, knowledgeable and accommodating. We will insist upon this crew on our next trip, and recommend them, and this company, to our friends. This was the best day of our week long trip to St John, and is a memory that will last forever.


Reviewed May 31, 2016

My wife and I chartered an all inclusive day trip on a 45.5′ SeaRay. The boat was nice but the crew was absolutely second to none. We have been boat owners for 20 years, we’ve chartered our own, chartered others, worked with and through numerous captain and crew over the years. Our Captain and Chief Stew were hands down, our best experience ever!! Our Stew was professional, patient, knowledgeable and accommodating while our Captain was an extremely courteous, tactical and disciplined vessel commander. We will insist upon this crew on our next trips, whether you’re an experienced boater or rookie, you should do the same. Upon returning we learned this firm also has a duplicate of our personal vessel in their fleet, a 60′ SS predator, we’re hoping to charter it with our new favorite crew, so tuned for more details



Reviewed May 13, 2016

Fantastic! Amazing! Wonderful! There were 8 of us total…6 adults and 2 11 year old twin boys chartering the large yacht one whole day throughout the USVIs/BVIs. Our Captain and Mate were awesome! Both were accommodating, friendly and knowledgable! The food and drink were first class. We hit amazing snorkeling spots (“the aquarium” being our favorite) and of course had a Painkiller at Soggy Dollar 🙂 It was definitely the best day of our vacation! When we return, we will DEFINITELY call upon Magic Moments again.



Reviewed May 19, 2016

We had an amazing trip with Captain and his first mate! We chartered a private 53 ft boat for just the two of us. We let our Captain take charge and show us around St John, Jost Van Dyke, Sandy Spit and few other islands in between! The crew was undeniably professional, our Captain took photos in between stops with our camera – so we had a whole album by the end of the trip! Our Captain and Mate were very laid back and very knowledgeable about both USVI and BVI. We had romantic breakfast and lunch on the boat, we snorkeled in front of Oppenheimer Beach on St John, discovered the ‘Nilla Killa’ on Jost Van Dyke (home of the Pain Killer (drink). We highly recommend going island hopping with this company if you get the chance!

For over a decade we’ve been among the best things to do in St John …


Reviewed April 24, 2016

This was our 3rd trip with Magic Moments Luxury Excursions. Our desire once again, was to relax, be pampered, enjoy the history of the islands, explore, snorkel and eat great food.  Our Captain and First Mate were a terrific team and knew exactly what we needed for the day. The yacht was meticulous and a joy to spend our entire day going from St Thomas to Virgin Gorda, St John and back.


Reviewed March 31, 2016

We stayed at the Westin Resort and chartered a Magic Moments Yacht for our family. It was the absolute highlight of our vacation. I highly recommend this company to anyone who travels to the Virgin Islands. The boats are beautiful, the service unbelievably good and the destinations the best in the islands. Take this trip over the public tours so you are not on one boat with 50 people you do not know. It is money well spend and you will have a memory of a lifetime!


Reviewed March 29, 2016

To our Captain and Crew, You did a excellent job !!! Food was great. Can tell you enjoy what you do. My first time on a snorkel trip like this but felt very comfortable with you. Our Mate was in the water with us explaining fish and the area. and being sure everyone were safe and enjoying the snorkel. Thank You again for the good day! 


Reviewed March 16, 2016

Our small family of three was treated like the royal family during our trip with Magic Moments. Our Captain and Crew were an absolute delight and always had our safety, comfort, and fun as their priority. We had many favorites–Sandy Cay, swimming with turtles, and enjoying the many sights of the USVI and BVI. If you’re looking for a great time on the water with a great private boat charter company, Magic Moments is for you! It’s worth every sand dollar!



Reviewed February 9, 2016

My wife and I took our four girls out on a day excursion on Magic Moments with a great Captain and Crew. It was a wonderful way to end our week in St John. Our Captain and First Mate were awesome. They helped us plan out the perfect day for us. Their attention to detail was incredible, and they went out of their way to make the day enjoyable and memorable for our family.

We would definitely recommend Magic Moments. My wife and I have been visiting the USVI since 2004, and have taken several other excursions over the years. Magic Moments was by far the most relaxing and enjoyable excursion we have gone on.

Thank you once again Magic Moments



Reviewed February 9, 2016

We had such an amazing experience with our Captain and Crew on the Magic Moments 3. The food was delicious, snorkeling was excellent. The service we received from the crew was top notch. Would book again if we return to St Thomas.


Reviewed February 9, 2016

My husband and I spent his birthday with our Captain and Mate on Magic Moments. We love to snorkel and they were very accommodating in changing the itinerary to take us to some great snorkel spots. Our Mate has great advice about where to snorkel and what to look for. It was a beautiful day both above and below the water, made even more beautiful by their great care. Food was good and there is a great selection to drink! You can make it what you want – we wanted a relaxing snorkel adventure and they did not disappoint!! You guys are the best!!



Reviewed January 26, 2016

Booked with Magic Moments for a full day at Sea.  Both crew members very Friendly, professional, and knowledgeable. Our mate served a beautiful Breakfast, and fabulous lunch, as Captain found a great spot to anchor… A must see is the “Baths” Virgin Gorge. We appreciated how organized our Crew was with the food service and paperwork needed for the day. Thank you to Magic Moments. 



Reviewed January 1, 2016

This was our 3rd trip with Magic Moments. Once again, they did not disappoint. They picked us up on Magic Moments 3 at our hotel, the Westin in St. John. Our Captain and First Mate were very welcoming, professional and accommodating. This year we decided to not go into the BVI’s as we had done it last year and it takes time to clear Immigration. We took some very nice snorkel trips and had a great breakfast and lunch on the boat. My wife planned the menu ahead with the Magic Moments team (our kids don’t love shrimp and lobster) and arranged for chicken fingers which were great. While it is an expensive day, I still believe you get what you pay for and Magic Moments is worth every penny. Some great memories and the ability to get to some of the best snorkeling and water around. Keep up the good work!
P.S. Ask to stop at Pizza Pi for a Pie on the way back. Not that you need it after eating all day on the boat, but very cool to order a pizza off a sailboat in the Caribbean.



Reviewed November 26, 2015

My husband Bob and I just spent one of the best days of our lives with the crew of a Magic Moments yacht. This Thanksgiving day included visiting St. John, Norman Island, Yost Van Dike, and Tortola. Snorkeling was a wonderful experience at Norman Island. Breakfast, lunch, drinks and sorbet were all included. Every penny spent was well worth the experience! The day ended with a beautiful rainbow over St. Thomas! This Thanksgiving could not have been any better. Thank you!!


Reviewed November 5, 2015

I don’t just recommend the Magic Moments luxury excursion, I encourage you to give it a try. We have taken this cruise for the past 2 years. The first year was me and my husband; this year we took our daughter, son-in-law and 2 granddaughters ages 9-10. They had the time of their life! Our Captain was an excellent Captain and knew the islands so well. I can not say enough about the way the Mate made our granddaughters feel like little princesses. Thank you for this wonderful company. And thanks to our wonderful Captain and first mate. Also the Naughty Nymph was another experience all to itself. As luxurious as the Magic Moments the Naughty Nymph is fast paced and exciting. Can’t wait for to see what they have in store for us next year!


Reviewed October 16, 2015

My husband and I recently went to St. Thomas to celebrate our 10-year anniversary. To treat ourselves, we reserved a yacht from Magic Moments at the last minute. They were able to accommodate us without a problem. Our Captain, Dylan, and our first-mate, Laurie, were absolutely wonderful. Our every need was met, the food was delicious, and Laurie taught us…



Reviewed October 13, 2015

My husband and I knew we wanted to spend a day on the water but weren’t sure how to best go about seeing sights plus experience an exciting day without crowds. After talking with Magic Moments on the phone, they assured me their Magic Moment yacht would be the way to go. Our day was truly one of the best days of my life! The first thing our captain said was we would be treated like “royalty” and that was spot on. Our first mate, was the BEST! She got in the water, snorkeled with us, and showed us some amazing spots. The food on the boat was fantastic and we saw so many special places. A day we will never forget and we highly recommend this boat to everyone who is considering a special and most memorable day! If you are questioning whether or not to spend the money, don’t think twice – it’s truly worth every penny and we would do again!



Reviewed October 2, 2015

We had the pleasure of taking a day long excursion with Magic Moments. It was a tremendous experience; one that I will think about often and that I would highly recommend! Our Captain and Mate were personable and knowledgeable and we felt like we were in great hands in regards to our safety. The food was great and they brought us, among other places, to some lovely snorkeling beaches. A true highlight!



Reviewed September 30, 2015

Wonderful snorkeling, ocean views and history lessons. Our Captain and Mate were unbelievably professional and knowledgeable in everything about the boating experience and the history/info about the islands and the people from Blackbeard to the Rockefellers. The food was great and service impeccable. Our Captain and Crew were so friendly, that you immediately feel comfortable and safe with them. Steve A



Reviewed August 3, 2015

We splurged and chartered the entire boat for our family of 4 (2 adults and 2 10 year old twin girls) and thoroughly enjoyed our day! Even though we’d been visiting St. John since our honeymoon in 1992, we had never visited the Baths over on Virgin Gorda (BVI). We requested an itinerary of the Baths and whatever else could be fit in. It takes about 1.5 hours to reach the Baths, but it is a gorgeous ride! Much to see on the way over, and our captain and crew provided informative and sometimes comedic! back-story to several of the islands/rock formations on the way there. The Virgin Gorda marina is gorgeous! We had an amazing breakfast in the marina overlooking the other beautiful yachts and bright blue water. We then headed over via taxi (accompanied by our mate!) to the Baths. We had a couple of hours to explore this amazing place! (Will definitely come back to Virgin Gorda!) When we got back to the boat, we then enjoyed an amazing, light but elegant lunch of lobster salad, chicken salad and shrimp cocktail complete with white wine for us and soft drinks/water for the girls. Because the girls were looking for a calm snorkel, our captain and mate took us to the “Aquarium” – an amazing, crystal clear, calm and beautiful spot between the Indians and the Caves. This was perfect for our family! Beautiful formations, vibrant fish and calm waters. Back on the boat, we enjoyed an amazing dessert of decadent brownies with ice cream and whipped cream – and champagne!!! Headed back to customs in Cruz Bay, which was hilarious with the various boats all jockeying for ideal position to get in and out. Our crew proved their skills in the harbour by getting us in and out of customs in quick time! They delivered us safely and happily back to Caneel Bay!!! A perfect day! The girls later told me, “we didn’t want to get off the boat!” Our Captain was wonderful! We found lots in common, given that he is a Georgia boy and an engineer! Our Mate was very sweet and engaging and wickedly funny – and adorably cute!!! She was very accommodating to our entire family. Our crew, both, were a wealth of knowledge and skill. We felt safe, comfortable, entertained and happy with our day. Very special!!! .



Reviewed June 19, 2015

Served two separate meals on the Yacht and snorkeled at two locations and stopped at the last location at Soggy Dollar Bar on Jost van Dyke island for painkillers. Our Captain and Crew were both very friendly and pleasant to spend the day with. An unplanned event at the end of the day we went by the floating pizza Pi sailboat and the other couple on the boat picked up a pizza and shared it with everyone. Great time.



Reviewed June 19, 2015

Yesterday our recreation team went out on Magic Moments for a day excursion….It was an amazing time….the Captain and Crew were superb, professional, knowledgeable and very attentive to all our needs. It was a first class experience. From the moment we were greeted at the dock to our return. The food was delicious..drinks were top notch. If you truly want to feel that you are a VIP for the day, this is the way to go. We cant say enough great things. A “must do” to enjoy our beautiful waters and surroundings.



Reviewed June 18, 2015

We had an amazing excursion with our Captain and First Mate. The great crew complimented the fantastic destinations. This was the best day of our trip, hands down. If you want the one of a kind vacation, this is it!


Reviewed May 29, 2015

We rented the 52′ Sunseeker for the day. Our day on the boat was the BEST day of our vacation. Food was delicious, cocktails were wonderful, snorkeling was beautiful and the beaches/water were amazing!!! Our Captain and First Mate were unbelievable. We could not have asked for a better crew. We will definitely rent from here again on any return trips. First Class



Reviewed May 19, 2015

We had six people aboard the Magic Moments Sea Ray and headed directly to Tortola to save time getting our paperwork approved so we could then head to Josh Van Dyke to see the country music concert at Soggy Dollar. It wasn’t cheap, but was an absolute blast and I would highly recommend it! Our Captain and First Mate were very accommodating and attentive. They knew how to get us around quickly, get our papers approved, and found a great spot on the beach in front of the concert. Plenty of drinks and beer for all of us, basic breakfast and delicious lunch made it a great day!



Reviewed May 13, 2015

We chartered the Magic Moments Sea Ray and it was the best part of the whole St John trip. I have fallen in love with St John and it is amazing to see it from sea along with all the other islands. Our Captain and First Mate were amazing with knowledge, history and suggestions. Thank you so much to the Captain and Crew for an amazing day! We will be back and chartering from Magic Moments will be top on our to do list!! I highly recommend to all who are considering going to the VI.
Thanks again
Mark and Teri



Reviewed April 17, 2015

We had amazing meals from breakfast to lunch to snacks and drinks while aboard the yacht. Service was first class. We met 2 other couples and had a great day exploring the islands. Snorkeling the caves at Norman Island was fantastic.



Reviewed March 23, 2015

My wife and I had chartered a Sea Ray with Magic Moments five or six years ago during one of our annual St. John vacations. Last month (February 2015), we returned to St. John without our kids but with another couple and hoped that the most memorable of their moments would be on a Sea Ray with this organization. Oh how right we were. The boat itself is great: luxurious and classy with great food and drink, but the day is really made by the Captain and Mate, and the wonders of the BVI revealed to us by them.  Both were experienced sailors and extremely knowledgeable about the waters, sea life, and back-stories about the various islands. It seemed that every island one of us mentioned is one to which our Captain had sailed on one or more occasions, and our Mate, who was an amazing swimmer, could even discuss in expert form the skiing in Colorado. More than having an extremely interesting and friendly crew who knew when to engage and when to give us our private time, we were in the most competent of hands, which is critically important when there are those in the group proud of their landlubber status. As for the price, it is not a cheap day, but of all the money spent on vacations, this money was more than well spent…..we bought ourselves the most memorable of magical moments, from the snorkeling spots to the peaceful spot chosen for our lunch to the beautiful and well-presented meals on board. Quite simply, a day out on a Sea Ray with a crew like we had is worth every penny spent. Having now chartered a Sea Ray with Magic Moments twice, with two different Captains and Mates, I would feel quite lucky drawing our current Captain and Mate again as the crew, but know that the organization itself seems to know how to hire and inspire all of its crews to deliver truly memorable magical moments. Do not miss the privilege of a day like this one.



Reviewed March 17, 2015

Just visited St. John in the Virgin Islands for a girls get together. Our host had arranged for a day trip on one of the Magic Moments boats. We were met by our Captain and Mate for our trip. It was a wonderful day starting with breakfast, snorkeling, a stop in the BVI, and visiting a few choice swim sites, one of the highlights of our trip to St. John. Oh, and a wonderful lunch served by Chris and Laurie! They were absolutely the best!



Reviewed March 9, 2015

Our Captain and Crew made our day awesome. 100% worth every penny. When you come to St Thomas this is a must. It made our trip even better. We were able to snorkel in 3 different spots and were in touching distance of sea turtles. We also stopped at a new beach bar, Abi, must get the “pomade” drink. The food provided by the boat was great, couldn’t have been a better day.



Reviewed February 11, 2015

On vacation with our family, we decided we wanted to visit several of the islands, including BVI. On the recommendation of our hotel, we decided on Magic Moments. We booked their new 54′ Yacht for the day’s excursion for ourselves which allowed us to customize our own trip. The crew did a fantastic job – we were well informed prior to the trip, they picked us up right on time, they were extremely professional, helpful and friendly, and made it an all around wonderful experience. The food and drinks were great. It’s THE way to see the islands and worth the splurge.


Reviewed January 17, 2015

This was our second trip out with the Magic Moments team. Our first was in 2013. Our Captain and 1st Mate treated us to a second wonderful trip around the Virgin Islands. They were attentive to our needs and did a great job suggesting new places to visit. Since we rented all six seats, we were able to customize the trip on the fly. We happened to pick a day when the water was unusually calm making the trip even better than usual.

If you’ve visited the islands, but haven’t been out on the water for recreation, I urge you to do so. I love seeing the islands and water from a boat. It is an entirely different perspective and a wonderful experience. You can’t beat cruising the turquoise water, hopping from island to island for snorkeling, dining, shopping and having a drink at one of the variety of beach bars around. It is the highlight of our visits down here.

The food and drink on the boat were excellent. Both our Captain and Mate were incredibly friendly and informative about the islands and the various stopping points along the way. The experience made me want to spend many more days island hopping and patronizing the restaurants and watering holes in the area.


Reviewed January 12, 2015

My wife & I had a great time on the boat with Doug & Rob. We saw a lot of the islands,which we definately would not have seen from land,& also got a history lesson in the process. Great food, snorkeling, & just a lot of fun. A ” must do” for anyone who wants to get away & enjoy the islands. This trip is a very good value for the money.

“GREAT TRIP !!!!!!!”

Reviewed January 9, 2015

This trip was great i would recommend it to everyone. Great boats great crew. I will be back. Thanks for the fun day!


Reviewed January 4, 2015

We had an amazing day with our Captain and First Mate, they were extremely welcoming and friendly and we had an amazing breakfast before seeing the unforgettable Baths, we then had a gorgeous lunch before heading back with a stop in between to snorkel which was glorious. The boat was amazingly luxurious and it was an amazing day overall. 


Reviewed December 23, 2014

Our Captain and his first mate made sure I had the most romantic marriage proposal today! After an incredible excursion to Virgin Gorda, they had set up a romantic table full of flowers and chocolates surrounding my engagement ring! Our Captain and Mate were both so accommodating and shared tons of interesting facts about the Islands! Can’t wait to see them again!


Reviewed December 21, 2014

Went out with Captain Johnny and First Mate Rob for the best day ever on the water. Wonderful sights, fabulous food and two men who treated us like royalty. Couldn’t have found a better charter.


Reviewed December 5, 2014

Excellent trip coupled with excellent crew. Our Captain and First Mate made our day. Knowledgeable and friendly. They made our guest very comfortable. It was a wonderful experience. I’m not really a sea person but I recommend this trip to everyone. if you are looking for a relaxing day this is the way to go. Make sure you bring your camera and swimsuit along. Not many times you meet people that enjoy what they do as much as these guys. Our safety was their priority. GREAT JOB GUYS.
hope to see you soon


Reviewed October 30, 2014

This 45 foot Luxury Motor Yacht day trip made our vacation to St. Thomas so much more exciting and memorable.The itinerary was perfect and lasted from 9am ( they wanted us at 8am but we asked for 9am) and lasted till 5pm so a full 8 hours!! Our Captain and 1st mate were two very skilled, caring, humorous, and nice people. The watch words in order was Safety, Comfort, Fun. And there was plenty of all and the food and beverage service was awesome.
we boated to many beautify islands, snorkeled on the best reefs we’ve ever seen, into caves, and swam onto Sand Cay a beautiful beach. We went to the BVI as well. It was such a day of constant beauty above and below the water. The trip seemed expensive, but by the end of the day you feel it was worth every dollar. A life time experience. Thank you to our Captain and Mate for an incredible journey . Best regards!

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