Norman Island is the inspiration for Robert Lewis Stevenson’s novel, Treasure Island.

The Caves at Norman are the legendary home to buried pirate treasure and offer a great snorkeling area.

The Caves

Rising up from the water, their cavernous mouths invite the adventurous snorkeler to explore. You’ll discover the cup coral and beautiful colored sponges.

The reduced lighting in the caves bring out some colors only seen at night

(Another great snorkeling area)

Just northwest of the entrance to the Bight. Calmer waters, large coral heads and possibly more fish then you have ever seen!

The Indians

The Indians are rated among the top 5 snorkeling areas in the Caribbean and are located just a few minutes West of Norman.

Huge pinnacle rock formations jut out of the water like feathers, hence the name the Indians.

Truly awesome snorkeling!

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