ST Thomas &
St John Snorkeling & boat tours

In the US Virgin Islands, we’re most well-known for our beautiful bays, spectacular snorkel sites, and expansive beaches.

Each island is lined with secluded areas that provide their own unique experience…


Caneel Bay is accessible by boat.

The generally calm and crystal clear waters create a great snorkeling experience on the East side of the bay, making it a very popular attraction for our visitors.

Cinnamon Bay is a gorgeous view from a yacht or boat.

Currently made famous by country music star Kenny Chesney, the nice sandy beach is perfect for relaxing as well as getting some good snorkeling opportunities in.

Honeymoon Beach is only accessible by boat or through the Caneel Bay Resort and is a very popular beach for many boat and yacht tours.

The soft sandy beach is decorated with shady coconut palms creating a secluded, romantic setting for couples.

Snorkeling is fantastic and you may see turtles, manta rays, and tropical fish.

Francis Bay & Maho Bay have good boat access and usually very calm waters making it great for snorkeling.

There is a good chance you’ll get to see some sea turtles and Manta Rays that like to stay in the area.

Coral Bay is a charming town that;s like taking a step back in time to the 60’s. It’s a remnant of how all of St John used to be – full of color and local flair.

Coral Bay is a great place to shop and eat at some casual restaurants on the beach.

Reef Bay has good snorkeling and, by boat, offers easy access to the deep interior of the Reef Bay Valley, one of St. John’s most important clues to a lost culture from the island’s past, the Petroglyphs.

This captivating place is located at the base of the valley’s highest waterfall, surrounded by the island’s lush tropical vegetation.

Here, mysterious faces are found carved into the fall’s blue basalt rock. A spring fed pool beneath reflects a 20-foot wide panorama of carvings year-round with other petroglyphs visible nearby.

The term petroglyph refers to rock art carvings whereas pictographs are rock art paintings.

Trunk Bay is known as the most popular and most photographed bay on St John making it best to visit by boat.

Most notably, Trunk Bay has its own self-guided 2000 ft underwater snorkeling trail with a chance to view lots of topical life beneath the sea.

After spending some time in the water, you can use the facilities to change your clothes and grab some food and drinks at the nearby establishments.

Salomon Beach is the most secluded beach on St John with access via one-mile hike from Cruz Bay, or by boat.

The white sandy beach is quiet and relaxing, as well as a good place to do some snorkeling.

Hawksnest Bay is a beautiful, usually quiet bay accessible by boat with a nice little sandy beach on the East side.

Here you can do some good snorkeling along with the chance to occasionally come across a few sea turtles.

Leinster Bay was previously a sugar cane plantation with sugar mill ruins that can be easily seen from the boat.

Leinster Bay is home to Waterlemon Cay which is known for an abundance of starfish and sea turtles.

Snorkeling at Waterlemon Cay and Lameshure Bay are top destinations and largely regarded as the best snorkeling on St John. 

Lameshure Bay is protected from the North shore swells, usually pretty calm and a great place to bring a float and just hang out in the water.

Snorkeling is absolutely fantastic along the Eastern shore ( left as you face the water). If you go far enough you’ll round the tip of the peninsula called Yawzi Point.

Reef Bay Sugar Factory Historic District is a historic section of St John located on the South central coast adjacent to Reef Bay.

The land is the site of a historic sugar factory. The property was added to the U.S. National Register of Historic Places on July 23, 1981.

Cruz Bay is the scenic entry to St John and we recommend this as a wonderful place to end your day on the water.

Lined with nice restaurants along the beach, you can watch the sunset over St Thomas while enjoying a delicious meal of our local cuisine.

Other US Virgin Islands

Lovango & Congo are right next to each other and surrounded by usually crystal clear waters.

There is a protected snorkeling area here along the reef, and it’s an excellent spot to soak in some beautiful island scenery.

A brand new beachclub offers Carribean cuisine, drinks and a stylish boutique.

Christmas Cove has a nice reef and usually very calm waters.

The Pizza Pi boat is also here making it a great place to stop for lunch or a snack anytime of the day.

Little St James has an excellent reef just off its northwest corner and is a very easy island to access by boat.

Buck Island is know for its calm water and, more importantly, for having lots of fish and sea turtles!

Water Island has a beautiful sandy beach and a lovely beach bar with a great afternoon lunch.

St Thomas

Magens Bay Beach is the most famous beach on St Thomas. It is well protected, has white sand and stretches over nearly 3/4 of a mile.

Legend has it that Sir Francis Drake used Magens Bay as an anchorage while waiting for ships to plunder.

Several commercials and movie scenes have been filmed at this stunning powdry stretch.

Magens Bay is on many of “the worlds most beautiful” lists. There are restaurants, beach chairs and floats for rent.

Secret Harbor is a small, beautiful beach. Nestled in a quiet, protected bay, the water is usually very calm; perfect for swimming.

Snorkeling is good along the rocky coastline on the right side. Palm trees are giving the beach a very tropical feel; hammocks make for a beautiful atmosphere.

A floating raft anchored in the middle of the bay is great for laying on and catching some rays.

Secret Harbor is home to the Secret Harbor Resort. A great restaurant and nice beach bar are available.

This is a perfect beach for snorkeling, swimming, having lunch, a few drinks and relaxing!

Coki Point Beach has a near shore rocky, reef area on the right side that offers good snorkeling.

You can also snorkel on the left side along the rocks. You will see lots of fish, even in very shallow water. This is what makes the snorkeling at Coki Beach quite accessible.

Amenities include vendors renting chairs, bar and restaurant, bathroom. 

Charlotte Amalie Harbor provides a great opportunity for a scenic waterfront tour of the main town of St Thomas, its colonial buildings and architecture, and beautiful views around Hassle Island and Water Island.

Allow us to customize your itinerary around the stunningly beautiful US Virgin Islands!

Our captains are happy to customize your day allowing you to choose where you want to visit and what you would like to see depending on weather and time restrictions. Contact Us with any questions or make a reservation today!