Smuggler’s Cove is one of the more beautiful beaches on Tortola. The powder white sandy cove is an excellent snorkeling spot.

Getting there by land requires traveling down a challenging dirt trail, but the beach is accessible by boat.

Since the trail is rough, the beach is normally open and not crowded making for a tranquil and scenic experience.

Apple Bay is another great beach on the north side of Tortola.

The clear water, sandy beach, and close by refreshments make this an excellent snorkeling and swim stop.

Cane Garden Bay is a must-see, beautiful sandy beach with plenty of drinks and food along the waterfront. The great reefs close to shore make for superb snorkeling.

Being at the center of all the action on the island, Cane Garden Bay Beach is Tortola’s most famous beach.

Brandywine Bay is located at the south end of the island, and has a very secluded sandy beach with beautiful clear water.

The bay is excellent for snorkeling and the beach is great for collecting seashells.

Guana Island

Guana Island is an 850-acre private island on the northeast side of Tortola. It is home to a very exclusive resort with cottages and villas making it a very sought-after destination.

The island is simply breathtaking.

At the south end is Monkey Point, a renowned snorkeling spot and an extremely popular stop for charter boats. Because the area is inside a national park, we utilize the National Park Authority mooring balls to anchor while our guests explore the beautiful scenery.

If you’re lucky, you might be able to spot some whales while boating.

During the migration season, typically around February and March, grey and humpback whales have been seen along the north shore of Tortola.

a few restaurants to stop at for great local cuisine.


After a long day of sightseeing and snorkeling in Tortola’s beautiful waters, our guests always want to know where the best places to eat are.

The Sugar Mill

The Sugar Mill is located at the Sugar Mill Hotel in Apple Bay.

They have a great menu with plenty of local dishes as well as a good selection of dishes you are familiar with.

Pusser’s Road Town Pub

Pusser’s Road Town Pub has earned its reputation as the most popular restaurant on Tortola and is conveniently located across from the ferry and customs dock in Road Town.

They serve a typical pub menu (i.e. fish and chips, burgers, etc.) and their infamous Pusser’s Pain Killer – know as the “official cocktail of the British Virgin Islands.”

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